Firefall Founder’s Credit Program for Em-8ER

New founding round

The Em-8ER team recognizes many Firefall vets backed a vision of the game that Red 5 Studios never delivered. While Em-8ER is not associated with Firefall or Red 5 Studios, we are in many ways Firefall’s spiritual successor. Em-8ER, the massive planetary wargame, is the persistent battlefield wargame Mark Kern intended to deliver with Firefall before Red 5 changed direction.

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As a token of our appreciation for the early support of the original, true, Firefall vision, we are offering a FULL CREDIT of your Firefall founder’s pack. Even if you were not a founder, you will still receive a Veteran reward if you joined Firefall forums before the end of 2015. This credit will be applied as virtual currency to be used in Em-8ER’s digital store when the game launches.

  • Commander - $100
  • Lieutenant - $50
  • Ensign - $20
  • Veteran - $10

Firefall forum accounts created in 2015 and earlier are eligible as well as all the closed beta founders. Account holders must be able to access their Firefall forum accounts and will also need to create an account on our Em-8ER forums.

Additionally it's required that Firefall forum profile has at least 1 publically visible post and that firefall profile shows founder badge (if available).

Act fast! This is a limited time offer! We have no control over Firefall or its forums. Should Firefall forums close we will be unable to verify anyone's founder status anymore. Since the forums have closed without warning twice before, we can not make any guarantee that you will be able to associate your account in the future.

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Q: I'm stuck at "Awaiting Input" and clicking the "Begin Verification" button does nothing
A: You need to insert your UserId into text-box above the button in format username.12345 then button should get enabled to get you started. For help please refer to Where do i find correct UserId?

Q: My founder badge is not displaying / Account won't validate as a founder
A: First check on this page that either Ensign/Lieutenant/Commander founder pack is activated on your account and then that you have enabled "Show Founder Icon" in preferences. If for whatever reason you still can't pass the validation with founder reward, please go to support chat and ping @Xeevis for manual verification. (Manual verification is not available to Veterans)

Q: I've had game account before the end of 2015 and yet it says my account isn't old enough
A: Due to technical reasons we can validate only public data provided by forums. If you played the Firefall in 2015 and earlier, but never created a forum account, we cannot offer you any reward (unless your account has a founder upgrade - see answer above).

Q: Is there a way to verify reward was claimed successfuly?
A: You can try to pass validation with your Firefall UserID again, if used, error message will also inform you what reward tier was claimed. Right now there is no way to verify amount claimed on Em-8ER accounts.

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