Command disabled or under development
Mandatory parameter Optional parameter
@User/@Channel - Identification parameter, can be mention (@Ember), id (199951896629346304) or username (Ember#4458)

Basic Commands

.aboutPrints out detailed information about the bot.
.userinfo, .whoisPrints out information about a current or a specific user.@User
.query, .waRetrieves information from WolframAlpha.
Limited to single query per minute per user!
.pickrandomStarts contest that picks random winner after set period of time.
Only 1 concurrent contest per channel, max 2 minutes.
Seconds Text

Em-8ER Commands (Under development)

.link-em8erStarts process for associating Em-8ER forum account with Discord account.
.unlink-em8erRemoves association between Em-8ER forum account with Discord account.
.founders checkPrints out information about your Firefall founder credit reward.
Requires Em-8ER forum account link!