• Discord NEW! Added support for commands

    Laid down foundation for proper command support.

    • Web Added Commands section and implemented several commands

      This will list all the available commands, their availability may change without prior notice.

    • Discord Implemented cleanup for responses whenever their invoking command is deleted by author

      This will let those who typed commands to cleanup after themselves.

  • Em-8ER Discord Permanently disabled announcer for Grummz

    It had a good run, but since Grummz usually starts with @everyone mention to announce something cool, there is no need for bot to do a secondary ping.

  • Discord Fixed discord link preview duplicate

    Previously bot was checking if message with a link has Discord embedded preview, but because some sites load slowly, check sometimes happened before Discord fetched the preview and therefore bot did a secondary preview. Newly bot checks if author has permission for embedding links (which is a requirement for previews) and now can anticipate if discord provides preview before it actually happens.

  • General Improved performance and response times of everything

    Many tasks were running unnecessarily on the main thread creating blocking queue, now they are fired & forgotten on their own threads.

  • General Unified versioning scheme

    Fixed version shown on widget and in other places.

  • Web Fixed discord widget showing empty messages when there is no raw text content
  • Web NEW! Added Changelog section 😝

    For versioning scheme I opted to simple incremental publish number, because why not?

  • Discord NEW! Added support for embeds

    Embeds look like blockquotes and offer different style for information display. Among useful features are user mentions which don't ping users, icons, links and timestamps.
    Required permission: Embed Links

    • Implemented for link preview and logging services
    • If permission is missing bot will fallback to regular text
  • Discord Bot won't preview links that include default Discord preview.

    To trigger bot preview where default one would normally kick in, wrap links in < and > (ex. <https://foobar.xyz>).

  • Discord Extended logs to support voice channels (no audio recording, just who was present where and when)