Command disabled or under development
Mandatory parameter Optional parameter
@User/@Channel - Identification parameter, can be mention (@Ember), id (199951896629346304) or username (Ember#4458)

Basic Commands

.aboutPrints out detailed information about the bot.
.userinfo, .whoisPrints out information about a current or a specific user.@User
.query, .waRetrieves information from Wolfram|Alpha (other sources planned).
Limited to single query per minute per user!
.discordstatus, .dsPrints out status of discord service components.
.pickrandomStarts contest that picks random winner after set period of time.
Only 1 concurrent contest per channel, max 2 minutes.
Seconds Text

Em-8ER Commands (Under development)

.link-em8erStarts process for associating Em-8ER forum account with Discord account.
.unlink-em8erRemoves association between Em-8ER forum account with Discord account.
.founders checkPrints out information about your Firefall founder credit reward.
Requires Em-8ER forum account link!