Who or what is Ember BOT?

In short a Smart Bot™. Ember is currently a WIP discord bot with aim to create a multiplatform gaming bot that can learn, answer questions and be generally helpful to gamers around Massive Planetary Wargame Em-8ER.

Fun Features

Ember sports jokes, memes, and cat pics. And what about a friendly match in math, trivia, or hangman? Just for fun, or perhaps accompanied by leaderboards and rules?

Knowledge Base

Select community members teach Ember, and in turn Ember can answer any question about the game ... and beyond!

Language Understanding

Ember knows English, so no matter how you phrase your queries, they will be understood.

Multiplatform Access

Currently only Discord is supported. More platforms coming soon™.

Breaking News

Bot can ping you on your favorite IM whenever some important event around Em-8ER happens.


You want it, we will think about add it. Listening closely to feedback of users is very important to us.

... want to get technical?

.NET Core Framework

Both Ember and the website run the latest .NET Core 2.0.0, a cross-platform free and open-source managed software framework by Microsoft.

Runs in Cloud (x64)

Ember runs on Azure a network of remote Windows-based servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data with on-demand scalability.

Asynchronous Solution

The website, Ember and every module run in a single multithreaded asynchronous environment, allowing for no-delay sharing of up-to-date memory data with no waiting lines.

SQL Server 2016

The newest SQL Server 2016 delivers unparalleled performance and security, built-in for most mission critical transactional systems and data warehouses.

Redundancy (Not implemented)

A backup instance running on a dedicated linux-based server covers most critical bot functionality in case the primary Windows node shuts down or becomes unresponsive.